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Come Fly a Drone!   [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
Can you tie a knot faster than a Robot??   [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
Come learn about why and how we go into pace, and build and launch your own model rocket.   [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]  
Electricity Merit Badge training, counseling and hands-on activities for participant to earn the badge within a 3.5 hour time commitment.
Participants will learn basic electricity, electrical safety and energy conservation.
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At NASA we reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind. Learn how you can join our efforts by engaging NASA employees who are pursuing missions of exploration and discovery. Get ready for the total solar eclipse that can be experienced across our country on August 21, 2017. See how NASA is with you when you fly and view the new aeronautics technologies and aircraft concepts that are on the horizon. Checkout models of the new rockets and spacecraft that will take humans deeper into space than ever before – including the journey to Mars! You can even test your space knowledge in an interactive quiz show! You can learn more at: [lh_qr_code format=”svg”] SQ32a Solar Eclipse [lh_qr_code format=”svg” text=""] SQ32b Aeronautics [lh_qr_code format=”svg” text=""] SQ32c Space Exploration [lh_qr_code format=”svg” text=""]
Can you change the properties of materials just by changing their temperature? Find out with liquid nitrogen - basically air at −320 °F.   [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
Explore engineering using traditional scouting pioneering techniques and materials.   [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
The Electronics Merit Badge Booth will provide training and hands on activities for participants to learn basic electronic circuitry, electronic components and technology career opportunities. Participants will solder together a microprocessor controlled counter kit that they can take home .A Careers & Demonstration Station will provide technology careers information, showing the relationship between engineering and humanity, and demonstrating technologies that can address global humanitarian needs. [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
The Engineering Merit Badge booth will allow Scouts to interact with a wide varieity of professional engineers, practice systems engineering, and relate the Engineering Code of Ethics to the Scout Oath and Law. Hands-on activities will include transforming motion through a model catapult and understanding electronic by exploring cellular telephone communications including Bluetooth headsets. [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]
The wonderful world of chemistry will be explored in 5 in-depth, interactive sessions - Safety Extreme (use exciting hands-on experiments to teach about chemical safety, catalysis, and chemical reactions), CSI Mystery (Use an analytical technique (chromatography, FT-IR, etc.) to solve a mystery,0) Fireworks (demonstrate how fireworks make different colors, and how the chemical environment around the chromophore changes the final color), Chemistry of smells (Use simple organic syntheses to turn odorless ingredients into beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) fragrances) and Food (explore the chemistry of the fight between plants and herbivores). Drop-by experiments will also be available to investigate the chemistry of extraction, analysis, separation, surface modifications, and more. [lh_qr_code format=”svg”]

Below are various documents, presentations, and collateral material for Scouts and Venturers attending the 2017 Boy Scout National Jamboree.  In particular, items related to the Stem Quest Area!